artificialDeity's Cave !!

HELLOOOOOOO!!!111!11 i'm Ash, but you can call me artificialDeity, or AD, or even Addie if you'd like!!!1! sorry it's so dark in here,,, makes sense though, cause its. yknow. a cave. ANYWAY :] make yourself at home!! i'm glad to have you here ^_^

my likes!:
my friendsies, Cas and Ray!!! the best guys <33333
reading/writing :3
water :0
cats ^. .^

ooh, come look at my blinkie/button collection!!!11! you can steal as many as you want hehehe ^_^

update log!! (d/m/y)

11/6/2024:new bog post for summer :] we are so back guys

15/1/2024:new photo on my about me page!! hell yeah

13/1/2024:fixed the 88x31 button maker link in my website tips bog post! i did a oops sorry guys :P

14/12/2023:B O G

18/11/2023:a few minor formatting edits, a new creachur, 2 new buttons, and a GUESTBOOK!!!!! woaw :3

10/10/2023:pssst! go check out the other version of the site! there's a little surprise for you over there. :)

8/10/2023:mumpage GONE. sorry lol

17/9/2023:quirk translation + landing page added,added buttons to the homepage!!!! arent they lovely :]

15/9/2023:funy little creachurs added (about me page) XD

14/9/2023:mumpage added :)

10/9/2023:update log added, about me edited, site button added (links page)