artificialDeity's Cave !!

oh, hai there!!! :D welcome to my bog! if youre looking for a BLOG, then you will have to go elsewhere because this is Not That. but the bog is pretty fun too! ^u^

p.s. : all the dates are day/month/year! it just makes sense U_U

last day of school!!!!!! 11/6/2024:

hi guys!!!!!! aaaaaaaaa im so excited for summer!!!! today was my last day of school and i had such a great time! i hugged all my teachers and got them to sign my yearbook and it was SO COOL!!!! im going over to my matesprit's house (yes that happened btw!! 5/11/24 <3333333) because hes getting a drumset :OO itllll be so so so awesome!!!! now i'm gonna go eat dinner and make a bunch of plans for summer!!!!!!! bye!!!!!!!!!! :333

AD's Comprehensive Guide to Webbing your Very Own Site!! 15/12/2023

hey you! do you wanna make a webbed site on the interred net, but you dont quite know where to start? maybe dont know what pages to put on it, or dont know where to learn html? well you’re in luck, cause i’m here to help ya!


woaw! first entry!!! (so kewl) 14/12/23:

hai everyone! this is just a little space for me to talk about cool stuff that's happened to me recently! the event that warranted me making this was that I GOT A MOIRAIL!!! woohoo am i right :D she's super kewl and i love her a lot <> in other news, i recently decided i like the name lachlan! so, i go by that now as well :]

this one is less recent, but i do have an instagram now! i post art and stuff sometimes, but mostly i just look at cat pictures and my friends' art. hmmmm, what else has happened... oh! my LED lights broke :( it makes me super sad cause now my room is so dark at night! but yeah, i think that's it for now. bye guys :3

(oh gosh, i have to update every page with the link to this one, now... so much work!! XP)