artificialDeity's Cave !!

a digital drawing of my sona. he has dark purple skin, a darker face than the rest of his body, and bright pink hair. he has animal ears on his head and black streaks in his hair, as well as freckles on his shoulders and bandages around his forearms. his face has no features besides his right eye, which is purple and glowing with a white slit pupil, and looking towards the viewer. he is wearing a black tank top with a red eye on it that is also facing the camera. he has a tiny gold crown on, and there is a speech bubble next to him reading, "ayyyyyy lmao what's good motherfuckers" with an emoticon with sunglasses.

as you already know, my name is Ash, but i also go by Lachlan! though i don't really care what you call me as long as it's not like. a slur or something lmao. my pronouns are he/they/it/tri/xe/mew/purr/clown/jester/moth/io :3

i usually use a typing quirk where i use zeros instead of "O"s, and extra "L"s too!!!11!1 (not on this version of the site though hehehe >:])

i'm transmasc, panromantic, and asexual, and i use xenogenders :]

i'm not professionally diagnosed, but i believe i have autism and adhd, maybs somethin else too idfk

Homestuck (sorry/hj), Undertale and Deltarune, Welcome Home, FNAF, OMORI, The Owl House, Amphibia, ENA, Spooky Month, Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, Centaurworld, Hannibal, and probably more!!

cool people with cool websites X3

funy little creachurs :3

Pet's name: Arbor

Pet's name: Fuji

Pet's name: ebony dark'ness dementia raven way