AD's Comprehensive Guide to Webbing your Very Own Site!!

hey you! do you wanna make a webbed site on the interred net, but you dont quite know where to start? maybe dont know what pages to put on it, or dont know where to learn html? well you’re in luck, cause i’m here to help ya!

1. figure out what kind of website you want to make!

whether or not this guide is actually helpful to you kind of depends on what type of website you’re going for. since my website is just for funsies, that’s what i’ll be giving advice for. if you’re trying to make a professional site for like a portfolio or a small business or something, maybe just head to google for that! theres tons of stuff that’ll hellp you! but from this point on, i’m ONLY talking about silly sites, ok? :]

2. make a blog!

this isn’t completely mandatory, but i think it’s fun to share your thoughts and experiences with the world! you can talk about vacations, crushes, vent your frustrations, hell, you can just share a picture of a good meal you had recently! whatever you want to say, your blog is there to listen!
now, i’ve heard some people say not to make a blog if you can’t “keep up” with it, and to that i say... what?? it’s YOUR space, you don’t have to post every day or every week just to be allowed to have a blog! do what you want!!! you are allowed to exist in the world!!!!11!1!!1!

3. make a guestbook!

a guestbook can make your website seem extra cool, cause it’s like, “how did they do that?”, but in reality, it’s actually super easy! you can just sign up on 123guestbook and customise the formatting a little, and you’re all set! it’s super fun to be able to interact with the people who visit your site!

4. dont be embarrassed to put stuff you like!

honestly, this is just general advice for, like, social media and stuff. if you’re like, “huh, i think this thing is cool, but will the people who visit my website think so?”, i need you to go pick that thought out of your brain and put it in a trash compactor for me, okay? put up that hatsune miku blinkie, use that my hero academia graphic, post a blog of that closet cosplay (as long as you’re of a decent age to be sharing your face on the web o_O)!!!!

5. add an update log

if people want to follow your site, they’re gonna wanna know when new things are added! having an update log not only lets people know WHERE your new stuff is, but it also give YOU a list of stuff that’s happened on your site! it’s a win-win situation!

6. make sure your website is accessible cod damn it!!!!

if your site has, for example, a graphic with fast flashing lights, TRIGGER WARNING THAT SHIT IN YOUR INDEX. seriously!! or if you have a typing quirk like i do, make a seperate page with a translation! just make sure that everyone can access your site and enjoy it

7. have a landing page

this kind of ties in with the last one, but be sure to have an index page/landing page! this is where you can put information about your website! you can put your update log, the date your website was made, your webrings/cliques, whatever! i personally just have a welcome marquee, a johnvertisement, and my site button (which i suggest you make one of as well!)

8. johnvertise >:3c

if you want to really get your website out there, apply for a johnvertisement! it’ll really make sure people see you and visit your site! as of writing, i’ve appllied for one, but haven’t yet recieved a response lmao. i’ve found some super cool websites through it though!!

9. join a webring/webclique!

another way to get people to see your website is to join a webring or a webclique! these can get your site noticed really quickly, and who knows? you might even become friends with some of the other webmasters! infact, i'm planning to start my own webring with a friend of mine!! lllet me know if you'd lllike to join >:3c

10. do what you want!! :p!!!!!

to be honest, a lot of what i think you should take into mind comes down to just understanding that this is for YOU, and no one else. you’re sharing yourself with the internet, and if they don’t like it, they can leave >:P!!!!!! plus, i can guarantee that at least one person will like your website and sign your guestbook and read your blog posts and think you’re so so cool!! (and to be honest, that person very well could be me!!!! i’m @artificialdeity on discord, you can send me a link to your site if ya want! :3)

my final message to yall: as long as it makes you happy, do it! you’re allowed to take up space <3