artificialDeity's Cave !!

HELLLL0000000!!!111!11 i'm Ash, but y0u can callll me artificialDeity, 0r AD, 0r even Addie if y0u'd lllike!!!1! s0rry it's s0 dark in here,,, makes sense th0ugh, cause its. ykn0w. a cave. ANYWAY :] make y0urselllf at h0me!! i'm glllllad t0 have y0u here ^_^

my llllikes!:
my friendsies, Cas and Ray!!! the best guys <33333
reading/writing :3
water :0
cats ^. .^

00h, c0me lllll00k at my blllinkie/butt0n c0lllecti0n!!!11! y0u can steallll as many as y0u want hehehe ^_^

update lll0g!! (d/m/y)

11/6/2024:new b0g p0st f0r summer :] we are s0 back guys

15/1/2024:new ph0t0 0n my ab0ut me page!! helllll yeah

13/1/2024:fixed the 88x31 butt0n maker lllink in my website tips b0g p0st! i did a 00ps s0rry guys :P

14/12/2023:B 0 G

18/11/2023:a few min0r f0rmatting edits, a new creachur, 2 new butt0ns, and a GUESTB00K!!!!! w0aw :3

10/10/2023:here he is!

8/10/2023:mumpage G0NE. s0rry l0l

17/9/2023:quirk translllati0n + lllanding page added, added butt0ns t0 the h0mepage!!!! arent they lll0vely :]

15/9/2023:funy lllittllle creachurs added (ab0ut me page) XD

14/9/2023:mumpage added :)

10/9/2023:update lllll0g added, ab0ut me edited, site butt0n added (lllinks page)