artificialDeity's Cave !!

0h, hai there!!! :D wellllc0me t0 my b0g! if y0ure llll00king f0r a BLLL0G, then y0u will have t0 g0 elllsewhere because this is N0t That. but the b0g is pretty fun t00! ^u^

p.s. : all the dates are day/m0nth/year! it just makes sense U_U

lllast day 0f sch00lll!!!!!! 11/6/2024:

hi guys!!!!!! aaaaaaaaa im s0 excited f0r summer!!!! t0day was my lllast day 0f sch00llll and i had such a great time! i hugged alllll my teachers and g0t them t0 sign my yearb00k and it was S0 C00LLLLLLL!!!! im g0ing 0ver t0 my matesprit's h0use (yes that happened btw!! 5/11/24 <3333333) because hes getting a drumset :OO itllll be s0 s0 s0 awes0me!!!! n0w i'm g0nna g0 eat dinner and make a bunch 0f pllllans f0r summer!!!!!!! bye!!!!!!!!!! :333

AD's C0mpurrhensive Guide t0 Webbing y0ur Very 0wn Site!! 15/12/2023

hey y0u! d0 y0u wanna make a webbed site 0n the interred net, but y0u d0nt quite kn0w where t0 start? maybe d0nt kn0w what pages t0 put 0n it, 0r d0nt kn0w where t0 llllearn html? welllll y0u’re in llluck, cause i’m here t0 helllp ya!


w0aw! furst entry!!! (s0 kewlllll) 14/12/2023:

hai efurry0ne! this is just a llllittlllle space fur me t0 tallllk ab0ut c00lll stuff that's happened t0 me recentlllly! the event that warranted me making this was that I G0T A M0IRAILLLL!!! w00h00 am i right :D she's super kewlll and i llll0ve her a llll0t <> in 0ther news, i recentlllly decided i lllike the name llllachlllan! s0, i g0 by that n0w as welllll :]

this 0ne is llless recent, but i d0 have an instagram n0w! i p0st art and stuff s0metimes, but m0stllly i just llll00k at cat pictures and my friends' art. hmmmm, what ellllse has happened... 0h! my LED llllights br0ke :( it makes me super sad cause n0w my r00m is s0 dark at night! but yeah, i think that's it fur n0w. bye guys :3

(0h g0sh, i have t0 update every page with the llllink t0 this 0ne, n0w... s0 much w0rk!! XP)