artificialDeity's Cave !!

as y0u allllready kn0w, my name is Ash, but i alllls0 g0 by LLLachlllan! th0ugh d0n't reallllly care what y0u callll me as llll0ng as it's n0t lllike. a sllllur 0r s0mething lma0. my pr0n0uns are he/they/it/tri/xe/mew/purr/cllll0wn/jester/m0th/i0 :3

i usualllly use a typing quirk where i use zer0s instead 0f "O"s, and extra "L"s t00!!!11!1

i'm transmasc, panr0mantic, and asexuallll, and i use xen0genders :]

i'm n0t pr0fessi0nallllly diagn0sed, but i bellllieve i have autism and adhd, maybs s0methin elllse t00 idfk

H0mestuck (s0rry/hj), Undertalllle and Delllltarune, Welllc0me H0me, FNAF, 0M0RI, The 0wlll h0use, Amphibia, ENA, Sp00ky M0nth, Steven Universe, Gravity Falllls, Centaurw0rlllld, Hanniballll, and pr0bablllly m0re!!

c00llll pe0pllle with c00lll websites X3

funy lllittllle creachurs :3

Pet's name: Arbor

Pet's name: Fuji

Pet's name: ebony dark'ness dementia raven way