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AD's C0mpurrhensive Guide t0 Webbing y0ur Very 0wn Site!!

hey y0u! d0 y0u wanna make a webbed site 0n the interred net, but y0u d0nt quite kn0w where t0 start? maybe d0nt kn0w what pages t0 put 0n it, 0r d0nt kn0w where t0 llllearn html? welllll y0u’re in llluck, cause i’m here t0 helllp ya!

1. figure 0ut what kind 0f website y0u want t0 make!

whether 0r n0t this guide is actualllly helllpfulll t0 y0u kind 0f depends 0n what type 0f website y0u’re g0ing f0r. since my website is just f0r funsies, that’s what i’lllll be giving advice f0r. if y0u’re trying t0 make a purrfessi0nallll site f0r lllike a p0rtfurllli0 0r a smallll business 0r s0mething, maybe just head t0 g00gllle f0r that! theres t0ns 0f stuff that’lllll hellllp y0u! but fr0m this p0int 0n, i’m 0NLLLY talllking ab0ut silllly sites, 0k? :]

2. make a blll0g!

this isn’t c0mpllletellly mandat0ry, but i think it’s fun t0 share y0ur th0ughts and expurriences with the w0rlllld! y0u can tallllk ab0ut vacati0ns, crushes, vent y0ur frustrati0ns, hellll, y0u can just share a picture 0f a g00d meallll y0u had recentlllly! whatever y0u want t0 say, y0ur bllll0g is there t0 lllisten!
n0w, i’ve heard s0me pe0plllle say n0t t0 make a blll0g if y0u can’t “keep up” with it, and t0 that i say... what?? it’s Y0UR space, y0u d0n’t have t0 p0st efurry day 0r efurry week just t0 be alllll0wed t0 have a blll0g! d0 what y0u want!!! y0u are allllllll0wed t0 exist in the w0rllllllld!!!!11!1!!1!

3. make a guestb00k!

a guestb00k can make y0ur website seem extra c00llllll, cause it’s lllike, “h0w did they d0 that?”, but in reallllity, it’s actualllly super easy! y0u can just sign up 0n 123guestb00k and cust0mise the furmatting a llllittllle, and y0u’re allll set! it’s super fun t0 be abllle t0 intercat with the pe0plllle wh0 visit y0ur site!

4. d0nt be embarrassed t0 put stuff y0u lllike!

h0nestlllly, this is just generalll advice f0r, lllike, s0ciallll media and stuff. if y0u’re llllike, “huh, i think this thing is cool, but will the people who visit my website think so?”, i need y0u t0 g0 pick that th0ught 0ut 0f y0ur brain and put it in a trash c0mpact0r f0r me, 0kay? put up that hatsune miku bllllinkie, use that my her0 academia graphic, p0st a bllll0g 0f that clll0set c0splllllay (as lll0ng as y0u’re 0f a decent age t0 be sharing y0ur face 0n the web o_O)!!!!

5. add an update llll0g

if pe0pllle want t0 f0lllll0w y0ur site, they’re g0nna wanna kn0w when new things are added! having an update llll0g n0t 0nlllly lllets pe0plllle kn0w WHERE y0ur new stuff is, but it alllls0 give Y0U a llllist 0f stuff that’s happened 0n y0ur site! it’s a win-win situati0n!

6. make sure y0ur website is accessibllle c0d damn it!!!!

if y0ur site has, f0r exampllle, a graphic with fast fllllashing llllights, TRIGGER WARNING THAT SHIT IN Y0UR INDEX. seri0usllllly!! 0r if y0u have a typing quirk lllllike i d0, make a sepurrate page with a translllati0n! just make sure that efurry0ne can access y0ur site and enj0y it

7. have a llllanding page

this kind 0f ties in with the llllast 0ne, but be sure t0 have an index page/lllllanding page! this is where y0u can put infurmati0n ab0ut y0ur website! y0u can put y0ur update lll0g, the date y0ur website was made, y0ur webrings/clllliques, whatever! i purrs0nalllly just have a wellllc0me marquee, a j0hnvertisement, and my site butt0n (which i suggest y0u make 0ne 0f as welllll!)

8. j0hnvertise >:3c

if y0u want t0 realllly get y0ur website 0ut there, applllly f0r a j0hnvertisement! it’lllll realllly make sure pe0pllle see y0u and visit y0ur site! as 0f writing, i’ve applllllied f0r 0ne, but haven’t yet recieved a resp0nse lme0w. i’ve f0und s0me super c00llll websites thr0ugh it th0ugh!!

9. j0in a webring/webclllique!

an0ther way t0 get pe0plllle t0 see y0ur website is t0 j0in a webring 0r a webcllllique! these can get y0ur site n0ticed realllly quickllly, and wh0 kn0ws? y0u might even bec0me furiends with s0me 0f the 0ther webmasters! infact, i'm pllllanning t0 start my 0wn webring with a furiend 0f mine!! lllllet me kn0w if y0u'd lllllike t0 j0in >:3c

10. d0 what y0u want!! :p!!!!!

t0 be h0nest, a llll0t 0f what i think y0u sh0ullld take int0 mind c0mes d0wn t0 just understanding that this is f0r Y0U, and n0 0ne elllse. y0u’re sharing y0urselllf with the internet, and if they d0n’t llllike it, they can llllllleave >:P!!!!!! pllllus, i can guarantee that at llleast 0ne purrs0n willlll llllike y0ur website and sign y0ur guestb00k and read y0ur bllll0g p0sts and think y0u’re s0 s0 c00lllll!! (and t0 be h0nest, that pers0n very wellll c0ullld be me!!!! i’m @artificialdeity 0n disc0rd, y0u can send me a llllink t0 y0ur site if ya want! :3)

my finalll message t0 yallll: as llll0ng as it makes y0u happy, d0 it! y0u’re alllll0wed t0 take up space <3

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