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Welcome to the official website of the EASTERN ROMAN EMPIRE! We are glad to have you here!

We sure do have some great things here in Constantinople. Hey, how about we tell you a bit about it?


Our city is the most perfect place to live. With it's tall mountains on one side, and ocean on the other three, we have lots of great beaches to swim at, as well as good hiking spots. It is also very easy to defend, since we have this "sick" wall here. The wall is so diseased. Fatally ill, even. In a cool, good, hip-with-the-kids kind of way, of course. The wall has a moat and cannons that shoot fire that cannot be extinguished by water, an incredible invention that we definitely made ourselves. What? No we didn't steal it from the Greeks what are you talking about.


Have you ever heard of Justinian's Code? We're sure you have. It's a law code created by our very own emperor, Justinian. He created it by picking the best laws from other law codes, and gathering them together. He also reconquered tons of land that had previously been lost to barbarians. We also have an empress, Theodora. She is so lovely that Justinian changed the law to be able to marry her, even though she didn't come from a royal family. She also convinced him to expand womens rights in the Eastern Roman Empire, and bought freedom for many child and woman slaves.


A great majority of our residents, including the emperor and empress, are devout christians. As such, we find it necessary to provide a lovely church such as the Church of Holy Wisdom. It contains lots of gold, and 6 kinds of marble. It also features a large, grandiose dome that is filled to the brim with gorgeous stained glass windows. When the light comes in through the windows, the gold sparkles in the colorful rays, an incredible sight truly befitting of the Lord. We also STRICTLY disallow the use of icons in worship.


Since we are right in the middle of Asia, Africa, and Europe, we are an optimal place for trade. We get all sorts of things from all over, such as:

And more!