10txt << hell0 there. 1t seems y0u've f0und y0ur way t0 my d0ma1n. c0ngratulat10ns! 1 am kn0wn as Deca. 1t 1s certa1nly a pleasure t0 meet y0u.>>

10txt << here are a few th1ngs 1'd l1ke y0u all t0 kn0w ab0ut me:

☆ ~ my pr0n0uns are ma1nly he/xe/they, but 1 d0n't m1nd 1f y0u use s0mething d1fferent.

☆ ~ 1 am cup10sexual and h0m0r0mant1c, and 1 use r0mance quadrants.

☆ ~ 1 am aut1st1c.

☆ ~ no, 1 w1ll N0T take 0ff the mask. d0 n0t ask me.

☆ ~ pe0ple have descr1bed me as "0ld man", "meow meow", "eldr1tch ent1ty", "c0uld k1ll y0u but w0uldn't", "just a s1lly k1tty", etc. these are all accurate.

☆ ~ 1 have a daughter. her name 1s m0n0, and 1 l0ve her dearly. :) >>

10txt << 1 have a tumbler ask bl0g. y0u can g0 subm1t asks f0r me 1f y0u'd l1ke t0. >>

it's tumblr, deca. n0 'e'.

10txt << huh? why? that's n0t h0w y0u spell that. >>

lma0000 0lllld man X3

y0u are 0lder than 1 am.

0h yeah.

00ps. o_0